My story

I am a freelance designer who has recently been living in China while travelling as much as possible to enjoy the two things I love most, travel and design. 


While in China I was living in a small city called Mianyang (by small I mean 1.163 million!). Here I taught English a few hours a day and enjoyed the rest of my time freelancing, learning Chinese and simply just relaxing and enjoying myself in the beautiful land and culture.  

I first began freelancing part time while in my third year at Sheffield Hallam University. Straight after this I landed myself a fantastic job as an in-house web/graphic designer for a huge clothing brand and kept the freelance work on the side still. Eventually I had to leave this company as I decided to move to China and travel while taking up freelance design fulltime. Before leaving England I completed an amazing 4 week placement for the branding agency Taxi Studio. While here I got to work on some awesome brands such as Red Bull, Duvel and Budgens. I was asked if I would like to be considered for the new fulltime position they had opening up and who wouldn’t? It was a dream job and I loved every moment but my heart was set on becoming independent and seeing more of the world.  So off I set, next step China! (Well actually 2 weeks in Portugal, 4 in Thailand and then China! As I said, I like to travel)


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More about me

I am a friendly, creative, passionate guy with an awful lot of excitement for organisation and design… Along with all apple products, I don’t know what it is but they are just so awesome.

I have always had a passion for creating something right from being a small child, weather it was Lego or a crazy toilet roll fairground for my hamster (named fudge at the time).  It wasn’t until I saw the work of Bansky and how he captured peoples amusement within his design that I really started to focus my creative direction towards design.

My career in Graphic Design originally started at Northampton University on an Art & Design foundation where I realised the passion for my A-levels in photography, product design and ICT could be combined into this crazy thing called graphics. Since then I have completed my degree in graphic design at Sheffield Hallam University and worked full-time in the design industry.