My design process

If you have a project in mind, no matter how big or small. Looking for a designer that will give you their full attention, someone that is totally dedicated to you and your project. Then look no further!


1. Exploration

For every project I will always have an exploration phase. This involves detailed conversations about exactly what is you are looking for in this project. Next comes research from both sides, sharing everything we can possible find about what you like, don’t like & think is absolutely incredible.   

2. Creation

From the conversations we had prior to this stage I will create a mood board that will display the look and feel you want to achieve. Once you have signed off on this I can get to work creating some initial concepts for your project. We'll then select one and work together to refine this concept through up to two more allotted revisions. 

3. Delivery & Follow-up

Once the concept has been created and signed off by you. We will work together to create all the alternative layouts and elements you require, not missing a single thing out! This will complete your project while ensuring that the look & feel stays consistent across your brand.   


Ready to get started?